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No teacher can live without asking questions. Better yet, no teacher can live without receiving answers.

So, here's a listing of frequently asked questions ...

Is this "Teacher's Guide to Deaf Proverbs" a Sign Language book?

The guide is not a American Sign Language (ASL) book. You can, however, use the guide as part of your ASL class as a supplement to educate your students on Deaf culture as well as to generate group discussion.

In the Deaf Proverbs Workbook, there are a few activities where students are asked to write a short story using one proverb from the Deaf Proverbs book and then glossing the story in ASL.

What is this glossing ASL?

Since American Sign Language (ASL) is not a written language, one would need to find a way to "write" his ASL thoughts/story down on paper. Such is called glossing ASL. It is, however, not the same as writing in English.

There is a wealth of information on glossing in ASL on WWW that you can "google up."

Can I use "Teacher's Guide to Deaf Proverbs" to teach English ?

You can use the guide in an English class to teach your students proverbs' inherent and stylistic features as well as to educate them about Deaf culture.

You can start out with a hearing proverb and then present a deaf proverb that has evolved from the original one or first present a deaf proverb and then ask your students to try determine its "equivalent" hearing proverb (if any, as quite a few Deaf proverbs are original).

There is a section in the Guide listing several ideas for classroom activities involving Deaf proverbs.

Is this guide and workbook good for teaching as a full course?

Even though Deaf Proverbs Workbook's Table of Contents is set up for a full school year, it is entirely up to you to make it a full year or to shorten it to a semester or even a quarter.

There are 24 chapters in the Workbook. Each chapter deals with ten proverbs (except the last chapter which involves the last twelve proverbs from the Deaf Proverbs book).

Of course, you can always teach Deaf proverbs in any order as a supplement to your regular courses.

Can I order the Guide and Workbook just for myself?

Yes, you can order the Guide and Workbook and learn Deaf proverbs on your own. In fact, here is one of Deaf proverbs from the original book (with a slight modification) ...

A sign proverb a day keeps the teacher away!

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