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Ordering Info

A few convenient ways for ordering Deaf Proverbs books, as follows:

Online Ordering via PayPal

With this online payment method, you can place an order for copies of Deaf Proverbs with your own secure account at PayPal.

Even if you do not have such an account, PayPal can help you to use one of your credit cards (or, your bank account where available) securely and quickly to pay for your order.

To order via PayPal, use this secure form.

Ordering via Fax, Purchase Order or Snail Mail

If ordering via a Purchase Order Number or if paying via a check, money order or VISA/MasterCard credit card, use this fax/mail-order form. Once completed and printed out, you can either mail it or fax it to DEAFinitely Yours Studio at: 301-593-0700.

Ordering via Phone or Videophone

If ordering via phone or videophone, use this toll-free 800-918-7871 (voice only) or 301-593-8990 (videophone only).


Shipping/handling fees are based on shipping to anywhere in mainland USA and Canada. If shipping to outside of USA and Canada, email Ken (profglick @ for shipping/handling charges.

For Purchase Orders, fax the mail-order form along with your company / organization's contact information and the completed, signed PO to 301-593-0700.

DEAFinitely Yours Studio reserves the right to change pricing/terms without advance notice.

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