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Deaf Proverbs - A Proverbial Professor's Points to Ponder
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Ravin' Reviews

"Ken's Deaf Proverbs is a treasure of wit and wisdom from a Deaf American original.  His appeal crosses generations and perspectives -- even his mother agrees!"

-- Kevin McLeod
Writer & Political Activist

"Ken Glickman deftly twists and turns common proverbs to create a most enjoyable and humorous reading!"

-- Jennifer Nelson, Associate Professor of English
Gallaudet University

"Highly enlightening and inspiring!  Once you've read Ken's proverbs, you will not help but see Life in an entirely new light."

-- Claude L. Stout, Executive Director
Telecommunications for the Deaf, Inc.

"After reading Glickman's book, I breathed, thought, spoke proverbs.  Don't miss the experience -- read the book!"

-- Michele Westfall Ketcham
Mother of a deaf son

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